APOPS Founder’s Choice Award 

APOPS pays close attention to who in the POP arena talks the talk and who walks the walk. APOPS Founder's Choice Award notes those in healthcare, academics, research, industry, or policy, whose patient-centric efforts in best practice excel.

 Vincent Lucente, M.D. a leader in the field of urogynecology, is being recognized for his commendable efforts in this field of women’s health and has been presented with APOPS 2019 Founder's Choice Award.

 Dr. Lucente’s efforts validate his vision of evolution in pelvic organ prolapse best practice. “The reasons I went in the field are still the same reasons that keep me dedicated to this profession; the opportunity to be a pioneer, to teach, research and most of all to make a difference in my patients lives. Of all the awards I have received over the years, this touches me the most, as it is on behalf of all the patients I have taken care of.” Vincent Lucente, M.D.