There are a variety of healthcare practitioners who treat pelvic organ prolapse; APOPS recommends women seek guidance from pelvic floor specialists after being diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse by a primary care physician, ob/gyn, or gynecologist. A Female Pelvic Medicine Reconstructive Surgeon (FPMRS) urogynecologist or urologist can provide both surgical and nonsurgical recommendations and treatments for any of the five types of POP. Many physical therapists, urologic nurse practitioners, biofeedback therapists, and myofascial release therapists also specialize in women's pelvic floor health. Click on the links below to access clinician lists provided by the medical membership societies who treat pelvic organ prolapse. Please note: APOPS has no control over the accuracy of clinician org lists or the frequency in which they are updated, and not all physician organization members are FPMRS certified surgeons.

Additional support and guidance for women navigating pelvic organ prolapse is available in the secure Facebook APOPS Forum, click here to request entry. 

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