Your contributions are a key piece of the making the APOPS goals of support, guidance, and POP education for women with pelvic organ prolapse a reality; STIGMA*STRIDE, SQUEEZE PLEASE, and POP AWARENESS MONTH campaigns all generate POP awareness, and reduce stigma of pelvic organ prolapse and embarrassing symptoms like incontinence and tissue bulge. There are many ways to host a fundraiser; some are listed below. With the continuing generosity of individuals, the healthcare community, and industry, we strive to increase awareness of pelvic organ prolapse and assist women in every way possible to attain optimal pelvic floor health. Events to benefit APOPS generate funds to develop and evolve programming. Please consider hosting an event.

Golf Outing

Spa Night

Wine/Cheese Tasting Party

Pilates/Pfilates Event 


Mommie Nite

Motorcycle Run


Ladies Nite

Classic Car Rally

Live Music

Fashion Show

 Block Party 

Employer/Employee Match

For guidance with your fundraising event or insights on how to get one started, please submit a query though the CONTACT page.