Medical disclaimer: The material provided on this sheet is for informational use only, and is not intended to replace guidance from a clinician. Review this list with your physician; every patient’s needs are unique and suggestions may not be appropriate for all women.


1.       First week post-surgery: ice bag, cool/hot pack, or Preemie baby diapers to use as ice packs (open up the end with tabs, insert ice, use tabs to seal) to reduce swelling and pain. Cover abdomen or crotch with towel to prevent tissue damage from cold, place cold pack for 10 minutes on and off throughout the day. Verify with your physician if this is appropriate for your post-surgical needs which vary from patient to patient.

2.       Second-third week post-surgery: beanbag style heating pad (heats up in the microwave) or electric heating pad. Cover skin with towel to protect skin from burning, place beanbag for 10 minutes on and off throughout the day.

3.       Hydrocortisone 1% cream or hemorrhoid cream for rectal discomfort.

4.       Stool softener such as Colace.

5.       Apples for fiber to make bowel movements easier, choose fruit over grain fiber.

6.       KY Jelly to lubricate anal canal prior to first bowel movements.

7.       KY  Ultra Liquid or Liquid Silk to prevent friction discomfort on external tissues (vulva).

NOTE: Check with your physician regarding how soon it is safe to use, there may be stitches in the area.

8.       Waffle foam cushion to sit on at home or in car.

9.       Baby Sippee cup or cup with attached straw to prevent spills at bedside/on couch.

10.   Lots of water, cranberry juice to flush bacteria from urethra (women with interstitial cystitis should not drink cranberry juice).

11.   Sanitary pads, panty liners (post surgical bleeding). NO tampons.

12.   Baby wipes (use after every bowel movement to increase comfort).

13.   Loose jogging pants or dresses to prevent friction in crotch.

14.   Pain medication.