Women considering surgery for pelvic organ prolapse often have considerable anxiety when mesh will be utilized for their repair. The FDA has addressed concerns regarding the use of mesh and guidelines are now in position; informed consent should always be a part of any surgical procedure.

Prior to surgery, physicians typically explain the surgical procedure they are considering and ask if you understand the nature of the procedure to be performed; you will then be required to give written permission for the operation you will have. While a formality, it is important to take the process very seriously and ask any and all questions you have regarding the procedure, post-surgical healing, and possible complications that could occur. There is great value in getting answers to all your questions regardless of the type of surgery needed. 

Mesh plays a valuable role in maintaining POP repairs long-term; it is important however to research the physician who will be performing your surgery to verify the degree of experience and quality of their surgical skill. An informed patient will have less anxiety and greater opportunity for the best outcome. Important mesh questions to consider asking your physicians prior to POP surgery are below or download the questions here:

  1. Do you plan to use mesh for my POP repairs?
  2. How many mesh procedures like mine have you done?
  3. What surgical alternatives do I have to mesh for repair?
  4. Is there any reason I would be a bad candidate for mesh?
  5. Will my POP repair be successful without mesh?
  6. How long has the mesh product you use been on the market?
  7. How long have you been using this particular mesh product?
  8. Is there a chance mesh surgery won’t fix my POP?
  9. What side effects should I be concerned about after mesh surgery?
  10. Will my partner be able to feel mesh during intimacy?
  11. What are the chances mesh will erode through my vaginal wall?
  12. If mesh erodes through the vaginal wall, how do you fix it?
  13. If I have mesh complications, will you be able to address them?
  14. Can I have access to information on the mesh you will be using prior to having my surgical procedure?