Most people focus on surgery itself of feeling better beyond the heal curve; it is important to give some thought to how to prep your home prior to leaving for surgery so it is as user-friendly as possible upon your return from surgery. Here are a few tips for POP surgery home prep, download this document here:

1. Set up your "bedroom" whether it will be actual bedroom or a couch in the living room. Consider the discomfort of mid-lower body surgery, bending at the waist will be difficult. Lay flat on both bed and couch, roll to your side, and swing your feet over the edge to see which is the easiest to get into an upright position from. The height of one flat surface may be more comfortable than the other. 
2. An end table, portable TV tray, or milk crate with an oblong cake pan set on it (towel underneath pan doesn't slide off) works well to hold miscellaneous items you'll want to have close at hand.
3. Kleenex, Sippee cup, meds, book, and aTupperware container with crackers/snacks in a cake pan will keep them contained as well as catch any spills/crumbs. 
4. A few pairs of comfy stretched out sweat pants, nightgowns, or loose dresses (you won't want anything tight on your tummy for at least a couple of weeks) will be clothing of choice. Women often leave the hospital with a catheter in so a nightgown or housecoat will be more user-friendly than sweat pants. 
5. A large garbage bag on the seat will enable you to back up to the seat and slide your bottom end around to put your feet in the vehicle for the ride home without binding delicate tissues down below. 
6. Post POP surgery, not pushing/pulling movements and no heavy lifting until your physician releases you. Even upon healing, women with POP should be cautious of heavy lifting. No vacuuming, no picking up children, no carrying groceries. A wagon or a plastic sled work well for moving laundry and other household items around your home once your physician releases you to push/pull. 
7. Make a "to-do" list for household members, take a day to write down everything you do around the house that is part of your normal daily routine. Family members seldom recognize what they can do to help, a list will make it easy for them. 
8. Check the items on the Items to Have on Hand Prior to Surgery list for suggestions of things to purchase ahead of surgery.