APOPS History

Like most women, Sherrie Palm was a member of the "discovery upon diagnosis" demographic; she recognized within two weeks of her diagnosis that pelvic organ prolapse was the biggest secret in women's health, and that millions of other women were suffering in silence. Sherrie's journey began when she wrote the book, Pelvic Organ Prolapse:The Silent Epidemic, and shortly after the publication of the 1st Edition, founded APOPS, a grassroots movement to shift awareness and provide guidance and support to women navigating POP.  

APOPS' Board of Directors work diligently to evolve the future of APOPS community, engendering POP awareness, screening, education, support, and research.

APOPS Board of Directors

APOPS' Board of Directors (governing body) recognizes the value of a balanced board of representation between healthcare professionals from various disciplines, non-medical professionals from legal and business backdrops, and most importantly, women who have experienced pelvic organ prolapse.

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Sherrie Palm, Founder/CEO/Executive Director
Pelvic Organ Prolapse Key Opinion Leader, Author, International Speaker

Sherrie Palm is the Founder/CEO/Executive Director of Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS), a pelvic organ prolapse (POP) Key Opinion Leader, a global women's pelvic health advocate, author of award winning book Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The Silent Epidemic, and an international speaker on multiple aspects of pelvic organ prolapse quality of life impact. Sherrie’s points of focus are generating global POP awareness, developing guidance and support structures for women navigating POP, and bridge building within POP healthcare, research, academic, industry, and policy sectors toward the evolution of POP directives. Sher was diagnosed with POP in December 2007 and had surgery in February 2008.
Sherrie Palm Curriculum Vitae.

Director Mary Pippen, Volunteer Coordinator, Board Secretary, POPS Forum Moderator, Internal Development Committee

Mary Pippen was diagnosed with POP at the age of 50 in 2014. She joined the POPS Facebook Support Forum where she immediately benefited from the support of the women on the forum. After two surgeries, Mary became a voice of support for other women in the forum, and gained a passion for the mission of APOPS. In November of 2015 Mary joined the POPS Administration team, APOPS Facebook based online support forum, providing support to women from around the world with POP, and a structured, and guiding the structured, safe, secure forum environment.  Mary additionally engages at a significant level in the development of APOPS vision, projects, and activities, including APOPS annual Stigma Stride walkathon and APOPS annual Women’s Pelvic Health Conference. Mary participated as a patient on the POP Patient Panel at APOPS 2016 Women’s Pelvic Health Congress and APOPS 2017 IUGA workshop patient panel. Mary has been a Recreational Therapist at the VA Medical Center for 16 of the previous 24 years, and is currently a VA Service Specialist. 

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Director Melissa Frasure MSW, LCSW, IT Systems Coordinator

Melissa Frasure achieved a B.S in Psychology in 2003 from Rockford College and a Masters of Social Work in 2005 from New Mexico State University. Starting with internship in 2003, Melissa worked in a variety of social service settings, providing a wide scope of social services to individuals from varied backgrounds, including under-served, rural, disenfranchised and economically disadvantaged populations. As a military Veteran, Melissa became interested in providing much needed services to other Veterans, working with the Department of Veterans affairs starting in 2009. While with the VA, she served both as a Medical Social Worker providing direct patient care and advocacy to home bound patients and also served as a Military Sexual Trauma counselor, providing trauma-focused services to both male and female survivors of Military Sexual Trauma. As an LCSW, she concurrently maintained a private practice for several years, counseling clients on a myriad of issues, including mental health disorders and physical health challenges. Melissa took a sabbatical in 2016 to begin working on a family. Following the birth of her daughter in 2017, Melissa was diagnosed with POP and found her way to the APOPS forum where she experienced, firsthand, how the organization brings attention and care to women suffering from a rarely publicized set of conditions. Melissa became very interested in advocating for all women experiencing POP related challenges and spreading awareness and promoting early prevention/detection of POP.

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Director Meghan Carl

Meghan Carl is a 2001 Graduate of the University of California, Davis. Immediately upon graduation, Meghan was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. After leaving active duty in 2005, she worked in operations and logistics management and then returned to government service, helping to launch a fledgling workforce development program. Meghan left the paid workforce following the birth of her first child, but continued her professional development, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and developing a basic technology course for clients at her local food bank. Meghan currently resides overseas on a remote military base, raising her Army “brats” and supporting the military through volunteer leadership positions in the community.

Meghan received a POP diagnosis following complications with the birth of her second child. As a well-educated professional, she found the lack of information and awareness of POP disheartening. After many months of searching, she found the APOPS social media forum on Facebook, and was encouraged by the support of the women she encountered there. Meghan is anxiously anticipating a return to the United States and an active role, spreading the APOPS mission, especially within the military community.

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                                                                                    Director Anne Brown, Internal Development Committee

Anne K. Brown is a communications and resource development professional with more than 25 years of experience, and is currently Communications Coordinator for Milwaukee Public Schools. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Anne’s experience includes communications strategy, audience alignment, fund development, event management, long-range planning, and new product research and development for an international publishing company. Her work has involved writing, editing, and designing corporate communications, marketing materials, constituent relations campaigns, grants, fiction, nonfiction, and tabletop games. She is the author of ten published fiction and nonfiction books.

This experience has developed Anne’s craft as a storyteller, and her years in the nonprofit sector have given her an eye for advocacy, the ability to communicate needs, and a talent for turning attention into action. Anne plans to channel her skills to advance the mission of APOPS and help improve the lives of women who experience this life-changing disorder.

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Director Michele Modellas

Michele Modellas is the owner of Meeting & Management Solutions, a meeting production/planning & association management company, and has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. Her consulting services include corporate trainer, sales team development, and strategic development for corporate and non-profit organizations. Michele is the founder & CEO of Global Association for Women in Transformation, an organization supporting women with practical and progressive solutions to navigate life’s transitions.

Michele is passionate about seeing others thrive. As a public speaker, she has presented to students at the University of London, and has contributed to the Smart Women Institute’s empowerment series. Michele is a contributing author in three books (Smart Women Live Their Why, Inspired Women Succeed, and Smart Women Embrace Transition) and is currently working on her own book. Michele subscribes to living out her purpose in a life of passion, health and happiness, She maintains high energy, seeks a positive view and embraces success on her own terms. 

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Director Alisandra Patry

Alisandra Patey is the owner of BayFitWoman, a personal training studio in Northern California focused on women and the postpartum stage of life, with a specialization on the pelvic floor. She gained personal knowledge of pelvic floor dysfunction after the birth of her only son 8 years ago. Through a long labor and use of forceps, she was diagnosed with a prolapse upon returning home with the baby. Since that day, she has diligently rehabilitated herself and developed programs to help other women with similar issues. Alisandra has a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a certificate through Core Exercise Solutions, which is a program specializing in  postpartum corrective exercise.

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